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Performance advertorials (formerly PR texts) are currently the most promising, cheapest and most sustainable form of advertising on the Internet. When customers search for products or services on Google, they will find your advertorial. So you no longer have to search for the target group with your advertisement - the target group comes to you. 


A paid article appears in the editorial section of the internet newspaper Via links in the text, visitors (but also search engines) are directed to your website and you thus benefit on the one hand from direct customers and on the other hand from better Google rankings. This is because the advertorial is a positive text for you, which will slide further and further to the front of Google and be found by search queries in the coming weeks. In addition, an advertorial has a positive influence on the Google ranking of the linked website.


An advertorial (article with a commercial objective) must fit the readership or the catchment area of People like to read advertorials because they are basically interested in new products and services. 


Pay once, use it for years

In contrast to print media that are discarded in the evening, advertorials give you a constant overview of how often your advertorial has been read. And that for years. In addition, it is cheaper than any comparable newspaper advertisement. 


Text on, guaranteed runtime 24 months
EUR/CHF 250.00


Who writes the text?
The texts must be supplied by you in German. If you supply images or graphics for illustration, we need the full image rights (we do not use images from Flickr).


"Do Follow-Links"
"No Follow-Links" or "Do Follow-Links" are possible on request and without extra charge (please inform us when placing your order).


Payment within 48 hours via Paypal
We put the delivered texts online within 48 hours. In return, we expect payment of the invoice within 48 hours. Otherwise the text will automatically be put offline until the invoice is paid. The invoice will be sent by e-mail immediately after the text has been put online. Please send us the exact billing address and e-mail address for the invoice together with the order e-mail. Payment can be made by you via Paypal.


Discounts / Price reductions
Discounts will only be granted after the third advertorial within 12 months. 


Content restrictions
Paid texts can be rejected by the editorial team. We refrain from publishing texts about casino, sports betting, gaming, esotericism, eroticism (sex, porn, dating), so-called "snowball systems" as well as online pharmacies (medication) and anything that contradicts Swiss law. 


We look forward to receiving your order and will be happy to advise you by e-mail. Send us your text ideas to

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